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Inspiration. Education. Motivation.

We are interviewing the top 100 entrepreneurs and business leaders to inspire the next generation!

Business Decoded is a show that is dedicated to sharing the grittier side of success stories in business, so that other people can be inspired to see their dreams become reality.

It probably was not easy for you to build your business, and despite the challenges, you persevered and did it anyway. We want to share your story so that other people can learn that they can be successful too! 

100 Episodes By June 1, 2022

We Want To Inspire, Educate, & Motivate New Business Leaders All Over The Globe!

Often, people think that they cannot build a successful business because the do not have the “right” circumstances. Our mission is to inspire people by showing them that plenty of successful business leaders started under less than perfect circumstances, and if you can do it, they can too!


Inspiration. Education. Motivation.

Our Show Is Divided Into 3 Key Segments

Deep Inspiration

Our Inspiration segments are dedicated to interviews with successful business leaders who are willing to share the less flattering parts of their personal stories.

Critical Education

During our Education segments, we bring on industry leading authors and subject matter experts who can teach you critical skills that will help your business.

Actionable Motivation

Motivational speeches can often feel good in the moment, but leave you with no actionable steps to improve your life. That’s why our Motivation segments are always guaranteed to be delivered with step by step action items that you can add to your life immediately!

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